Pampering Campers
Workampers:  We do not have time to check out each company. You may want to ask your favorite Forum buddies about a
particular one.  Also, the information was gathered over several years and may be out of date.

Companies: If you would like us to link to your website, we would appreciate a link exchange.
Please send requests, corrections or updates to:
American Presidents Resort, Custer, Phone: 605-673-3373, Email:, Website:
Black Hills National Forest, Phone: 605-574-4402, Email:
Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot Springs, Phone: 605-745-7494, Fax: 605-745-4339, Email:, Website:
Cedar Pass Lodge, Badlands National Park, Phone: 605-433-5460, Email:, Website:
City of Spearfish Municipal Campground, Black Hills, Website:
Crazy Horse/Heritage Village, South Dakota Black Hills, Phone: 605-673-4681, Website:
Crooked Creek RV Park, minutes from Mt. Rushmore, Phone: 800-252-8486, Email:, Website:
Fam-Camp, Ellsworth AFB, Phone: 605-385-4316, Email:
Flintstones theme park and campground, Black Hills, Phone: 605-673-4079
Happy Holiday RV Resort: Rapid City/Black Hills, Phone: 888-342-7365, Email:, Website:
Hart Ranch Resort, Black Hills, Phone: 800-605-4278, Email:, Website:
Hidden Bluffs Resort, Phone: 800-231-0425, Website:
Jacks Campers, Phone:  605-999-0234, Website:
K Bar S Lodge, Mt. Rushmore, Phone: 605-666-4545 or 605-343-2226, Email:, Website:
KOA, Black Hills, Phone: 800-562-8504, Fax: 605-348-3707, Email:
Motel, Black Hills, Email:
Motel, Rapid City/Black Hills, Email:
Mount Rushmore/Hill City KOA, Phone: 605-574-3404 or  605-574-3410, Website:
Private caretaker, Black Hills, Phone: 605-673-1490
Retail/motel, Keystone, home of Mount Rushmore, Phone: 800-888-4369
RV park, Black Hills, phone:  956-357-5696
TeePee Campground, Black Hills, Phone: 605-343-6319, Email:
The Powder House Lodge/Restaurant, Keystone, Mt Rushmore area, Phone: 800-321-0692 or 605-484-1076, Website:
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